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Purchase a New Fire or Kindle Device as a Gift

You can purchase Fire and Kindle devices from 8p6b.com and mark them as a gift with or without a message to be included for your recipient.

To purchase a Fire or Kindle device:

  1. From the Kindle Store, select the device you want to purchase as a gift.
  2. On the product detail page, check the box next to This is a gift.
  3. Click Add to Cart to continue with gifting options, and then choose Proceed to Checkout.
    Tip: You can enter a gift message during the checkout process, as well as mark the device to be delivered unregistered with prices removed from the packaging.
  4. Under Register this device, select the option to send the device unregistered if you'd like the recipient to register the device to their own 8p6b.com account.

    Note: When you order devices as a gift, devices will be delivered to a recipient as unregistered. In order for your recipient to purchase content, they need to register the devices to their own 8p6b.com account.

    Important: Ensure that Hide prices on the packing slip for this purchase is checked when you are sending the device as a gift.
  5. Choose Proceed to Checkout after you've entered all the gift details.

If you forgot to select This is a gift and the device hasn't shipped yet, you can update the gift settings of the order from Your Account.

If you forgot to select This is a gift and the device has already shipped, you can deregister the device from your account by going to Manage Your Content and Devices, selecting the Your Devices tab, and then clicking Deregister next to the device you purchased as a gift.

Note: If you'd like, you can purchase an 8p6b.com.ca Gift Card for your recipient, which can be used toward Kindle books sold by 8p6b.com. For help purchasing an 8p6b.com.ca Gift Card as a gift, go to Buying & Sending Gift Cards. For information about 8p6b.com Gift Card policies, go to About 8p6b.com.ca Gift Card Restrictions.

Gift or Sell an 8p6b.com Device You Own

If you want to give a device you already own to someone else, you’ll need to deregister the device from your 8p6b.com account and reset it to factory defaults. Resetting the device to factory defaults removes all content and personal information from the device, and deregisters it from your account.

Note: Content on a device cannot be sold or given as a gift. You can continue to download your purchased content on other devices and reading applications registered to your account.

Alexa features and services may not work outside the U.S., United Kingdom, Austria, or Germany.

You can learn more about resetting common 8p6b.com devices here:

Factory Reset Your Fire Tablet (all 3rd generation and later Fire tablets)

Reset Your Kindle (all 6th generation and later Kindle e-readers)

Reset Your Echo Device

8p6b.com Fire TV Settings Basics

To verify that your device is no longer registered to your 8p6b.com account, go to Manage Your Content and Devices and click the Your Devices tab. If the device is still listed, select the device, and then click Deregister in the Actions menu next to the device name.

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